Hey Paw Lover! Nice to see you here cause we're sure you'd be a pawtastic candidate to earn with our affiliate program! We pay YOU recurring 20% commissions every FRIDAY  through Paypal  AS FRIENDS AND FAMILY with no minimums or requirements :) this means you can promote as much or as little as you'd like as it is not a strict partnership! Plus because when we pay you that way, paypal doesn't take a cut from your pay!

You're also free to use any of our pics on our site or social media profiles and make them your own for promotion. Many of our affiliates will actually customize pictures for their followers :) 

So how does it exactly work?!

1. You get a trackable affiliate link assigned to you that tracks all visitors, and sales. You can see all of this in your very own dashboard!

2. You can also request a custom coupon code for your followers. This too is also trackable when sales are made! Just message us to have one created for you @pawmighty on IG or emails us at

Example scenario: Customer A visits site through your affiliate link, purchases a dog sweater for 24.99, as a result, you make $4.99, now just imagine what larger orders will bring you on a consistent basis! 

Second scenario: Customer B visits our site and saw your coupon code. Applies coupon code at checkout and purchases a cat sweater for 24.99. As a result you make $4.99 because the coupon code is tied to your affiliate account and gets tracked! 

As a bonus, if you're sending us good amounts of traffic and sales, we like to reward your fur baby with some goodies/gear!

We hope to see you sign up the more the merrier in our Paw Squad!

or click HERE to sign up!


Need some assistance with setting up? Follow our guide here


1. Go to sign up link and hit Register.

 2. Input your relevant details


3. Login with your newly registered self :)

4. Go to profile

5. Input paypal email

6. Get your affiliate link which you can use on your social media, blogs, website, etc.

7. Then you can check our banner section for some photo collages and pictures that you can use. And again, you're welcome to download and use any pictures from our website and or Instagram too!

8. Start driving traffic and earning!

- Paws Out!